So I wanted to have a go at writing something classical-ish in Reason to play around with the sounds and all. It almost sounds like music for a film/anime, I don't know

None of the instruments are live, so I'm aware of how unauthentic the sounds are, but I'd judt like some thoughts on the composition.

Much appreciated.
sounds really good, the piano at least. the string part sounds good too but is clearly synthetic which isn't the worst thing in the world. what DAW?
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I love this; your piano parts are very intricate and well-written, and your use of strings is great. I especially love your use of pizzicato strings as a rhythm section.

I love the cymbal at 3:12; I think you could have added in a little more percussion, like some soft crashes or some cymbal or tom rolls or something.

I think this is great work. If you'd like to get a slightly more human sound out of the piano, a lot of programmers have effects that randomize the velocity of an instrument (within your parameters), making it sound less synthetic.

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i almost feel like this should have gotten HUGE. all of the parts were great for a build-up, but it never quite 'went there'. the end got a little closer but not quite enough to me. i remember my old band director always telling us to exaggerate the hell out of our dynamics: i think that advice would be appropriate for this.

also, the track was only 3-4 minutes- it seems that with some well-implemented build-ups/build-downs and dynamic changes that you could drag this out for awhile but still keep things fresh and interesting.

and as far as the instrumentation sounding synthetic, i'd personally take one of two options:

1. keep things synthetic sounding, but add other layers and fx/automation to the main instruments so that they sound more interesting. (pretty much an heavily electronic approach i suppose)

2. do what herby said- using vary velocity layers to add realism to the whole thing.

i'd probably try both concepts actually, separately and combined (once again, me personally- not trying to force my ideas or anything like that). i think each route could take the song in different and interesting directions.

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The composition is very nice. Yes, it does sound a bit synthetic, but I think it works. The piano was a little dry though, a bit of reverb would have gone a long way. It sounds great in the bottom end though. The strings are nice - they're not gonna fool anyone, but definitely acceptable. As said before, it feels like it's going to be building into something huge. I don't mind so much that it doesn't, I like to experiment with unsatisfactory compositions as well, and the dissolve at around the 2-minute mark is quite nice.

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I really enjoyed it, it's something different from what I usually listen to, like a refreshing breeze. Feels good every now and then

The occasional percussion in the end made itself stick out more, and it built up nicely, maybe this could be the intro to a heavier song?

I personally liked better the first part of the song (until 2:00) but I must admit both are very well-thought and composed, at least that's what I think since I don't know too much about piano songwriting.

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The composition is nice, but as you are already aware and as others have pointed out there are a few things you could do to get a little more realistic sound.

Honestly, apart from what everyone has already said (velocity changes, reverb, etc.) you may just want to invest in a VST upgrade for songs like this.

If you are just starting out with this kind of music you may want to look at Garritan Personal Orchestra. It is what I use for piano for all of my songs and I used to use it for strings before I upgraded to EW libraries. It is also pretty affordable compared to the other packages like EastWest and Vienna.

If you want to hear the piano the tracks on my SoundCloud use it. It sounds pretty good IMO for the price.

I listened to this a few days ago what I remember is advanced piano playing . I don't know what genre it would be . I think I remember a lot of roots and 5ths type chords w/ various stuff on top and I know there was some really fast fast skirmishes of playing here and there . I wanted it to be shorter ,more concise and definitely a good piano sound . I know you know the recording quality aint great but neither are mine .regards & respect