so i've just scored an acoustic guitar hard case on ebay for not very much money, which is nice. it's just the top has been painted, faded, re-painted and has a few rips in the covering all from the previous owner(s). i would like to re-finish it (just the top/lid) with possibly a different fabric or something.

what is the best way do you guys reckon to:

A) remove the paint etc that's already on there? white spirit and elbow grease??

B) what's the best fabric that'll last a while and look good?

C) re point B, what's the best way to stick said fabric to guitar case? spray-on glue? or something more expensive?

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It rather depends how it's constructed right now. If it is some sort of material wrapped over a hard shell (as it sounds like it is) then I'd be tempted to just rip that off and re-cover it.

I used 3M spray adhesive to cover my speaker cabinet with speaker fabric (from Maplin). Again, depends on what you're doing and how it is now. You may be better off re-covering the whole thing with Tolex (or similar).
I've used a contact cement (water-base) in the past to do this. Establish a centerline and work outward from there when you're laying the stuff down.

I'm largely abandoning fabric coverings (like Tolex) on speaker cabinets, and I think that if I were redoing a guitar case, I might consider doing the same there, especially for gigging. I've been using Duratex (a rubberized textured paint), and I find that a lot of pro audio speaker box builders are doing the same. http://store.acrytech.com/Speaker-Cabinet-Coatings/

They have a "trial" size that will allow you to coat a pair of 18" x 18" x 12" speaker cabinets with two coats each for about $24.95 (free shipping within the US): http://store.acrytech.com/Speaker-Cabinet-Texture-Coating-Duratex-Roller-Grade-Trial-Size-Kit-Black.html

the fuzzy material sounds fun. bright neon orange and neon lime green tiger stripes would look cool. or crap. i think cool.
Belief is a beautiful armour but makes for the heaviest sword.