I need help with my lead composition, I can play leads. I practice them in other songs all the time. I can never make them up, I've never understood how to go about even the process of writing them. Help would be nice, thank you.
Sometimes what I do is start playing the rhythm on a corresponding treble note and then just try to mix in other notes in key or scale or whatever. It's not a full method but ive found it useful as a starting point.
i'm guessing if you can play them in other songs you're already listening to tons of solos? i just don't want to suggest "listen to good solos you like" if you're already doing that, it can sound a bit trite and redundant...

if you listen to/analyse the backing chord progression (or the key if it's diatonic) that can often suggest where the solo should go. That's what I would do, anyway.
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Record the rhythm piece and just listen to it over and over again. And with each time try humming over it and seeing what feels right to you when you hum. once you get the basics of a melody down humming, try to translate it to guitar. Or look for the natural melody of the rhythm so to speak