Hello everyone, so I recently bought a Bugera 6262 amp with the matching cab, and I had no problems with it at first, then it would start cutting out, and sometimes give a crunch tone instead of the complete tone in the lead channel, then when I would twist the guitar cable where it was plugged into the amp it would start working. Well now that doesnt work at all and when I plug it in I only get that semi crunch tone in the lead channel, but when I touch the faceplate chassis on the amp by the buttons beside the guitar jack plugin it works... and when I let go it doesnt..Its a ground issue. If anyone has any ideas please lemme know! thanks!
Sounds like a loose solder joint, not necessarily a ground issue.

You'll have to open it up and check the board for shoddy solder joints. This is best done under bright light and high magnification. A good joint has no cracks and is shiny and cone-shaped, and is not rounded or dish-shaped around the component lead or solder pad.

Or you could take it to a competent tech.