I have a very limited vocal range. I can only comfortably sing between G#2 and D#3. I would really like to write songs in c minor but I have a lot of trouble singing along to most songs in that key. This happens even If I try to sing the part an octave down. Will I still be able to write good vocal melodies with such a small range?
I have a very limited vocal range as well, more so for the high notes though, I can go pretty low. I use the capo in combination with singing an octave lower if necessary.
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you can write great melodies with any range whether you can sing them is different
but with practice and training you can expant your range

some singing lessons would greatly help
I think it's pretty safe to say the reason for your limitations is inexperience, unless you have some kind of vocal defect.
But. Of course it is okay. Why wouldn't it be? We're all different.
Truth is that most people do not care for high-notes or vocals in general, as long as the melody/song is good.
It's 100% inexperience. You have a higher range but don't know how to access it.

If you keep it how it is, then yes, it's a problem because it's not even a full octave. It's not even about hitting high notes. It'll be tough to compose music or cover music when you can't hit every note in some capacity.

Not to say it won't be possible but you'll have to work harder to make unique music. Imagine a guitar with less than one octave of notes.
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