Hey music lovers! First off, apologies if this is the wrong thread to post this. After some searching, I felt this made the most sense so as not to spam other threads that weren't for self promotion.

I run InfectiousMagazine.com and recently launched Muddy Paw PR, and I'm just thrilled to be working with so many talented artists! We're founded on the same passion Infectious was and have one major goal: get the music of talented, hardworking bands into the eyes and ears of the public. Because we understand that passion and talent don't always come with a hefty salary, we keep our rates low and can work with most budgets.

We're currently taking on new clients, specifically in the alt/rock/indie/singer-songwriter genres (though we do accept submissions from all genres) and would love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out directly at: angela@muddypawpr.com

You can find our website here:


services here:


and testimonials here:


Thanks, and look forward to working with some of you!