Whenever I finger-pick, especially with a fast piece, I would rest my fingers on the respective strings that they will pluck. However, some people have given advice not to do so...while others say it is okay since we can play faster that way...

So should I place my fingers on the strings or not?
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Well it depends, if that's comfortable then there's no real harm, but it'll stop those strings from ringing out, which could be bad (depends on the musical context). If you need some sort of reference point, either resting your pinky below the bridge (or pickups, if you're using an electric) or resting your palm in a comfortable spot would probably be more advisable, but if the strings you're resting your fingers on aren't sustaining any notes to begin with, I don't see anything wrong with your technique. At the end of the day as long as it doesn't affect the music in a negative way, I say it doesn't matter.
What jimjambanx said. I do a ton of hybrid picking and usually anchor my pinky below the strings. If I'm using my pinky to pick, usually my forarm anchored on the edge of the guitar is sufficient.