Hi all,

Having an issue with my thumb getting 'stuck' on strings when using it to pick consecutive notes when changing between E A & D strings. Learning Opeth's Patterns in the Ivy, am playing classical style so generally using thumb for all E A & D notes. No problems with thumb picking when 'thumb' note is followed by 'finger' note (on G B or e strings) or there are 2 thumb notes on the same string, however, if there's 2 consecutive thumb notes on different strings, especially if transition is E to A or A to D, my thumb gets stuck, I lose time and then loudly swear and/or swat at something nearby.

I've tried working on this by playing reverse nothing else matters opening riff (e D A E A D) and slowing everything right down, however, my thumb continues to stick. I think it may have something to do with angle or positioning of thumb/wrist/hand but I don't know enough about classical style to self correct, anyone have suggestions or advice?