It's quiet now
Drifting further away
Broken chain

I still look beyond collapsing waves
Bending and pulling 'neath cool, coastal breeze
They break the bow but never have the courage to victoriously counter and keep me at bay

Each whisper roars like a lion
Each subtle movement plays God like a child atop an ant mountain

Suddenly, so suddenly the winds begin to change
Sails rise and fall in a newfound direction
Maintain poise in attempt to keep face
I won't cower
I won't bow down
I won't lose faith

Your silence screams louder than any siren's song
Hum Hallelujah, we're singing along
Amazing Grace, how could it be that you'd take everything

You see, we're strained
To sea we stray
Follow Polaris till we've reached the horizon line
The seasons change
These seas won't change
Hold fast don't falter lest you crash in my wake
Should I wander you'll know where to find me
Cast out my worth when it flood in your veins
Carve out my words while they pass through your lips
Curse out my name as you drown in the sea
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