Hello everyone
I bought a bass amp today (a Fender Rumble 150, It was used as a rental then I bought it out), and it sounds great. The problem is though, when I step up to a mic to sing I get a nasty little shock. I have have been playing in the same room, using the same outlet, PA and mics for many years, but when I brought in this new amp, i started getting shocks. It is a 3 prong power chord, and I used a voltmeter to check the outlet and it is working perfectly. I have also tried every other available outlet and the same thing happens. Does anybody have an idea what might be going on?
Do you know if your bass guitar is properly grounded?

Have you tried putting rubber underneath the mic stand? Like, maybe a rubber rug or something?
Improper grounding somewhere.

I'm not well versed in this area, but i have read other people have this problem from improperly grounded amps, mics or outlets so don't take this too far.

Just a barely educated guess.
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There is indeed a grounding issue with either the PA system of the bass amplifier and your wet lips on the mic grill are the perfect conduit for the spare current.
Cheats like putting a foam wind shield on the mic etc. are just dangerous because the situation could eventually kill someone (YOU).
Get it checked out now! Also buy and use an RCD on all electrical music gear. They cost little and will save your life.
Never put up with little shocks from the mic, it's telling you bad things.
Make sure everything is properly grounded.

Make sure the polarity is correct (H/N) on all your cords. Maybe they replaced a damaged cord on the bass amp and didn't get it wired properly.

Fix this. Small shocks often become really big shocks.
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