Today just for the fun I turned my volume on my jcm 2000 dsl 50 up to 8,9,10 ...iv a 4X 12 425A cab with greenbacks ....the feedback was literally plysically sore !! I noticed that there's a terrible buzz hum when playing that loud ,like even when I'm playing notes the buzz is just there ,I would have thought that when turning up that loud it would still sound clean with just the notes your playing coming through not some awful fuzz ... Is this just my playing ? when I play the same riffs at lower levels it sounds clean ...is there something I'm missing like how do the pros when on stage get such a loud huge sound to fill up an arena without that buzz ,feedback !
EDIT: You'd be better putting this question in the GG&A forum. I'm sure you'll get plenty of answers there.

I can't answer this for sure because i don't have much experience with larger amps, but here's a thought..

You're playing a 50 watt at 8-10 which is ridiculous first off. i can't even begin to imagine how loud that is. I THINK that when you get to those ridiculous volumes particularly when playing cleans then headroom becomes a serious problem. It might sound ridiculous but you may not be able to get a good clean tone at that volume because your amp isn't powerful enough.
I could be totally wrong, but i only assume this because i for one use amp modelers, and i recently was going for a nice clean tone preset with a 50watt head and i had the same problem of my cleans being distorted, so i switched to a 100 watt head and it solved the problem. I naturally assumed i needed more headroom.

Anyways, i could be totally wrong as I've never been keen on big amps, and if i am then I'm sure someone will correct me.
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