Awesome! You've got a like from me.

The tone is awesome and the drums are just excellent. Furthermore, I would like to say that your mix is also really good.

You say that my technique is amazing? What should I say about yours, then? Your technique is definitely very very advanced and you can teach a lot of players how to do this.

All in all, I am at a loss for words and I wait for more. Thank you for this one.

Thumbs UP!
Impressive, not much negative on it, if i do crit it I would probably say that when all the tracks are playing at once it does get slightly muddy(slightly), but as ameteurs like us its hard to get that pure clean mixes like the professional studios. With that said its pretty solid. Hope to get my mixes this nice one day

If you have time, I would appreciate any feedback or advice on my cover. thanks

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