I have an MIM Strat with two humbuckers (Blacktop HH). It has a five way switch where I can choose between the full bridge, inner coil of both pickups, full bridge and neck, just the outer neck single coil, and full neck. I was thinking of getting a PAF Pro or PAF Joe for my neck pickup. I want something chunky but articulate even with higher gain. I considered a P90, but I would like to keep that jangly outer neck single coil option if I can.

So the big question is, do either/both these PAFs have too little output for that single coil to sound good? If so what similar neck pickup with more output would you suggest, or do you recommend a certain P90 if that would be a better option? Thanks!
FWIW, I would go for parallel/series rather than single/series if I only had two choices. The sound is very similar, and you reduce the mains hums. I use SD Jazz with single/parallel/series switching, and they are in the same style as the PAF pro. This is in a very dark-sounding guitar, and the parallel or single does a good job of brightening it up.

An interesting option with those two DiMarzio pickups is that you can remove six of the pole pieces to make a Z-coil or single+dummy. I have a similar pickup (an old 9K ohm Burny) set up as a Z-coil pickup in another guitar, and I like it a lot. Somewhat like a P90.