I have a Peavey Special 212 Transtube amp about 12 years old. This is a 100W SS amp with tube emulation. It's never really been used much, just sat in the corner of a bedroom. It's really too much amp to use in a house. I use it sometimes, but normally, just practicing in the bedroom, I use a little 1X10 Vox amp I have. I've never gigged with it or hauled it around or anything like that.

It has three channels: clean, lead and ultra. The problem is that sometimes one channel doesn't produce any sound, or produces a VERY VERY weak sound, like I have to turn it all the way up to hear anything at all coming out of it. Next time I turn it on, it works fine (and this amp will blow the windows out on "3" or "4.").

Sometimes a channel will work OK, but it'll be weak - for example, I'll turn it up to "10" to get the same loudness I would normally get on "2."

Any ideas? Should I try to fix this ($$$), or just write it off? Maybe take the circuit board out and blow the dust out of it???? I'm really kinda disappointed; I've had several Peavey amps over the years and they've always been rugged as tanks.
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Does the volume (or gain) pot on that channel make any noise when you turn it?
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I have ths special 112 mine does that sometimes try jumping the effects loop with a patch cable if your not running anything in the loop. other then that I would clean all the jacks and you may have to clean pots also. I have also had to push the reverb connection in to make a better connection.
Doesn't that count as an excuse to get a new amp? Lotsa good deals out there.
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