I have been playing for 6 years. I play live and have written 3 albums worth of music. I can even play jazz and my theory understanding is great. I was completely satisfied with by abilities until I realized I was holding the pick wrong. I held it with 2 fingers but I did not curl my index like you are supposed to. I placed the pick between my thumb and my index held the other side. My strumming technique is very relaxed. I don't have to kill my strings to get sound out of them. However my pick does move around alot when I strum because there is so much give to it..... Well I decided I would start holding the pick right and curl my index. Right off the bat I love the control I have with my solos and alternate picking and lead playing. But strumming is killing me because my upstrokes sound very harsh. I use 88mm dunlop picks and I love them. Any advice on how to get my strumming to sound more smooth? Is there anyway to let my pick have a little give for the strumming but when I go to play single notes have it under control?
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You want to try to use the very tip of the guitar pick, it's really all about control. If it sounds to harsh, you either need to slow down and make your picking motions more fluid, or you should try playing with a lighter gauge pick.

When it comes to strumming for me, a lighter gauge pick makes all the difference in the world.
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I really think that strumming the way I always have works best and it's really easy to curl my index when I go to play single notes.