My combo is 100w 8 ohms with 2x12 8 ohms 150w 300 peak. blue marvel, Idk how it's wired(series parallel/parallel series) but I'm sure the manufacturer had it wired to meet 8 ohms with 2x12 8 ohms speakers THAT BEING SAID

I figured out how to wire 4x12 8 ohms speakers for a cabinet

I also wired the positive and negitive from the head(originally To the 2x12) to a 1/4 output jack, to run said 4x12 cab

SO how do I ad the original 2x12 THAT HAVE THE SAME EXACT SPEAKER SPECS to the mix for a total 6x12 rig

Idcthat the 2x12 is in a separate enclosure
Are you sure the 2x12 has 8 ohm speakers? As far as I know, the only way to get 8 ohm load from 2 identical speakers (mono mode) would be if are 4 ohm or 16 ohm.

And you'll end up with either a 16 or 4 ohm load if you add the 2x12 to the 4x12. Can your head handle either of those?
Yea I'm looking at the peavey now, if u Google BLUE MARVEL 12 you'll see the speaker they have installed, it states 8 ohms and that its 12' and yes there is 2 of em

I found a sight that has 6x12 and it can be ran with one head at 8 ohms and 2 heads at 16 I'm just trying to figure out how many 16.ohms speakers need to be in the Mic to get 6x12. To 8ohms

My peavey vypyr head is set at 8 ohms and cannot be Adjusted it is a solid state head that is part of the 2x12 combo
But the goal was to have 6 (8ohms) speakers wired together
If that's not doable I'm trying to find out how to have 6x12 cab at 8 ohms for my 100w head
The Blue Marvels are available in 4, 8, and 16 ohm versions. If they are all 8 ohm I really don't think you can get a stereo output of 8 ohm per side with 3x8 ohm speakers.

I did some quick calculations (assuming stereo setup and 8 ohm speakers) and you can get 24 ohms with 3 in series, 2.6 ohms with 3 in parallel, and 12 ohms with 2 in series and the 3rd in parallel with those.

You CAN use a higher ohm rating with a solid state head, so 12 ohms would basically just reduce your maximum output some (or maybe a lot?) but wouldn't damage the head. But don't go LOWER than the heads ohm rating.

Here's a site with resistance calculations you can use to try various combinations for yourself (using a calculator): http://www.wikihow.com/Calculate-Series-and-Parallel-Resistance
This is really confusing...

If all six drivers are 8ohm, you can't end up with a total of 8ohm. It is a mathematical impossibility.

The only way to do this is if the 4x12 has 16ohm drivers (we'll assume they're not 4ohm as you won't find those in many guitar cabinets).

Then wire the cab to 4ohm (all four drivers in parallel), then wire the two drivers in the combo in parallel for 4ohm, then wire the cab to those in series for 8ohm.
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Thanks man, I'm glad I didn't grab the speaker bundle with the wrong ohms, so I'll grab 4x12 16 ohms, and how would I wire it if the 2x12 were also 16 ohms, or is that what you already described?


And thanks to you as well with the answers I got I'm understanding

That to get a 6x12 to 8ohms or 12ohms I have to wire different h
ohmed speakers a certain Way(series/parallel) to do so and thanks for the direction to head in guys
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