Hey guys,I'm Francesco,27 years old guitarist from Italy.I got an album all did by myself with ableton live,genre post/alternative metal,main influences:tool,isis,mastodon.I pllaned drums,arranged and registered guitars,bass,synth and various vst,I also wrote and arranged lyrics.I'm lookin for a good singer (clean vocals) to finish the record,maybe with an online collaboration...I think that it doesn't matter where you live,if we have enough will and strenght to do it we can always find a way here's my soundcloud where you can hear a couple of demo tracks,the sound quality is not so good but you can kinda make an idea of it:
I hope you guys enjoy the tracks,and I hope to hear from you soon,thanks!!!
Hey! Still looking for a vocalist? I live in California, USA. Im 18! I'd love to try out some work!