Dialtone Pickups is excited to announce the launch of its infinitely tone-adjustable guitar pickup, currently offered as a drop-in humbucker replacement. The pickup was designed by Dialtone Pickups founder John Liptac, who used his education and experienced in Physics and Engineering and passion for guitars to invent this new and innovative type of pickup.

If you happen to be in the San Francisco Bay Area, please feel free to join us for our first demo on Sunday, June 1st, from 4-5pm, at:

Panama Red Coffee Co.
2115 First St
Livermore, CA 94550

The demo is free and will be performed by a really talented local musician. We expect a fun and interesting crowd, and Panama Red is located in the heart of downtown Livermore, so there's a lot to do while you're here.

Please visit www.dialtonepickups.com for more information.
Here's a description of the pickups:

Dialtone Pickups offers the guitar industry's first-ever fully adjustable-tone pickup, currently offered as a drop in humbucker replacement. The pickup allows players to change the tonal qualities of the guitar using two knobs built in to the pickup. The knobs can be independently adjusted to achieve the perfect tone, and easily adjusted to switch things up when you're ready for something new. Dialtone Pickups is great for a variety of player types, including the new player who is still experimenting with tone preferences, the performer who needs the flexibility of an adjustable tone while on stage or recording, and the seasoned player who knows exactly what they want, but hasn't been able to find just the right gear for it yet.