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6 24%
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10 40%
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Quote by Dimarzio45

Honorable Mention:
Idea 2 was pretty unique and had me lol'ing at some points. Very creative.

Thanks. If I wasn't so lazy I wanted to throw some ridiculous vocal sample over it but I didn't feel like searching for one.
Ian, I know my singing wasn't spot on, but we made the song in under 5 hours from scratch. I only had time to do two vocal takes, and no time to hear it back properly, spot flaws and rerecord.

I'm perfectly aware that I sing a bit out of key sometimes but in general, I don't think I should "stop singing", nor should any of us. I think the song is enhanced by the vocals, even if they're a bit off in terms of performance. And from the experience I have from these threads, most people who listen to the songs and comment on the threads generally feel the same.

I'm ok with negative feedback but it seems that some people are arrogant about it and seem to have ridiculously high and/or arbitrary standards that sometimes don't really apply to, or shouldn't be the focus of, a competition like this. It's not a matter of personal insecurity, it's a matter of people not "getting" what this is about and acting like pricks about it.

As for Dimarzio45, assuming that edit was directed at us, I see what you mean. We didn't want to start the song abruptly with the verse, so we did that. I still think it's interesting, but maybe a bit repetitive and aimless now that I think about it.

EDIT: By the way, in the group page, ehbacon said he would have voted for Bovine Matters. I suppose we should make it count like we did with chev311e's vote last week.
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Quote by metal4eva_22
I thought you guys wanted feedback but I guess I was mistaken

I actually do

If I submit a song next week and you criticize me (or anyone else if you want) I'll make sure your dog doesn't get dog AIDS.
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