Hi! I recently bought line 6 pod studio gx. It's great (on pod farm 2.5) but I experienced some problems on GR5. When I play on disorted presets low strings are buzzing. I tried changing asio settings in all possible ways but it just doesn't work. However one time it did work - for about 15 minutes and then went back to buzzing. It's really annoying, please help me out if you know what the problem is. If it's unfixable could you recommend me some other program similar to GR5? Pod Farm isn't so bad but GR is waaay better.
Don't really understand what that buzzing means.
Could you post a clip?

Though, I have a list of stuff better than guitar rig!
-everything except podfarm, amplitube and overloud

Or if you want the detailed one, in order of personal preference,
-softube amp rooms
-LePou's stuff (for ****in' free!)
Name's Luca.

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I reinstalled GR and everything seems to be fine O_o. But thanks for your help anyway