I just bought this used amp - Randall RG25RXM, and I can't get rid of the buzzing noise in it. It's got Ch1 & Ch2 vol. controls in addition to master vol. & the buzzing is in both channels.You can prob. google the model & see a picture of the amp & it's controls.
I'm brand new to all this stuff. Any suggestions what to try to get rid of it?
(Please don't say "get another amp") The guitar is a cheapo "Academy" .
Is your wall outlet grounded?

If not, it's going to be that. I guarantee it.

If not, try a noise gate.
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Also possible the guitar isn't grounded right. Easiest way to deal with it is a Noise gate. Grounding can be a whole house wiring issue.
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could be due to other electrical items near by causing static, or possibly how much your gain is up by... either put it in a room where there are no radio waves or anything like that and turn down the gain! a lot of the time it isn't really possible to completely cut out the buzz
A "noise gate" is basically a device which controls the volume of the signal. They usually come in the form of an effect pedal. "Gain" is your amp's ability to increase the power of the input signal. Check your gain knob and try turning it down. That might help.

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Your guitar cable could also be the culprit.

What kind of cable are you using? Super cheap ones tend to buzz.