Hello everyone!

My brother is selling one of his guitars and his going to give me half of the money he gets wich is around 375€ and I need a new bass, as simple as that. I still have my starter pack wich I paid around 165€, it consists in a Jack Danny bass, a 30w combo and accessories. My Jack Danny has rust in the pickups and in almost every screw, not a good thing I think, so I need a new one:

Budget: 375€
The more frets the better
Black, White, Silverburst, Blackburst, Blueburst or something similar.
I like the classic shapes, but I prefer something different.

These requirements are not mandatory, is just things I would like it to have if possible.

Appreciate any help.
yamaha rbx 374 or the 375 if you wanted a 5 string. 24 frets, comes in black, red, silver and probably some others, dual active humbuckers.
incredible for under £300
Thanks for the pit, the Yamaha is really cool, but I think i'm going to buy a Jackson concert bass