I have a Boss ds-1 pedal. I'd like to ask what happens if I plug in the adaptor while the battery is on. And what if the adaptor is a 12v one? Thanks for the answers.
I'd recommend not using any other than 9v adapters, if it is a 9v pedal as I assume.

And what do you mean by the battery being "on"? As far as I know, it doesn't matter at all if the battery is inside the pedal while it's plugged in an adapter. Could be wrong though.
The battery is engaged when you have something inserted in the input jack and you don't have the power source connected.
any of the previous don't apply, you're not using your battery.

Then, a DS-1 will probably have no problem with a 12v power supply, but I wouldn't try it since it'll most likely make no difference.
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Thanks for the answers, I appreciate it.
DS-1 is a 9v pedal so a used accidentally a 12v adaptor once, for 1 minute (maybe less). It works I think, but I can't tell because my amp is crashed.
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