Here's my attempt at songwriting for my post metal compositions. Kind of minimalistic and definitely WIP, but I'd like to hear your criticism.

The song is inspired by Oranos from greek mythology, and it also works as a sort of a metaphor. Try to figure out for what, that's the best way to see how good it is.

"Today I saw a cloud being torn apart
I observed it fading into nothing
We all should wonder what takes place above
For what is high up must always fall down

A titan fell from a blinding height
It took the sky down with itself

Today I saw a star hide behind a cloud
The skies can’t stand our mistakes

A titan came down from the skies
I took everything down but itself"

The GP5 tab for the song will be provided if someone wants it.
Well, I'm liking the idea of it. Maybe add a bit more? Also, if you could find a way to make it emotionally deeper (like deep lyrics), then that would also help the song. It sounds like a great idea, keep working on it!
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