So yeah, anyone know any sweet pedals for making some loud screeching noises and twists and turns? The only thing that comes to my mind is a ringmod with expression pedal?
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The best way of doing that would be exaggeratedly raising the gain and the volume.
Then you just face the cab and do stuff like screeching and so on.

I think fender makes a feedback simulator though.
I've only tried the digital effect which the thing should have onboard and it's nice indeed, so have a look at that maybe.
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Has anyone tried a feedback simulator? I've never tried one but it does kinda sound like fun if they work well. I think Boss makes one as well.

SD1, DS1, ram's head big muff or stacked fuzz all do the trick for me when I want a lotta feedback to use. Take any (or all), dime 'em and slow dance with your amp while your playing. Thats always a good time.
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They sorta work but they are no substitute for the real thing. With real feedback you can move it around and control it, a feedback pedal just does what it does.
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