So I currently have a Marshall MG100HFX that I'd like to replace with a tube amp. I play a lot of thrash and I'd like to get a tone similar to old Metallica, Master of Puppets in particular, or Exodus/Testament sort of sound. As for my budget, I'm hoping to spend less than $1000 but that can be worked with. I've heard that the Marshall DSL series is pretty good for what I want and so I've started looking into those but I was wondering what recommendations you guys have.

Also, are there any pedals you recommend getting to pair with the amp for the tone I'm looking for? All I have currently is a Boss DS-1 distortion pedal.
A boosted JCM800 would be ideal for thrash.
Can you find one of them, maybe used, plus a cab?

Master of puppets was recorded with a Mark IIC+ though, so have a look at that too.
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Throwing the JCA 50/100 into the mix here. you can easily get most of those tons and similar ones out of the recommended amps too
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Roughly where are you located?
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I already have a cab that I can use so that's not a problem. I really just need to replace the header. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll look around and see if I can find any of them used as well. Also I'm located in central Indiana.