Okay so I just bought a used Blues Junior, it looks like it's in pretty good shape, but no matter what volume or eq settings I use it sounds like I'm playing through a fuzz pedal. I can't get a clean tone at all. This is my first tube amp so I'm a little confused, should I replace the tubes? Is it a blown speaker? Any advice is appreciated, I hope didn't just get ripped off...
It could be tubes, it could be speaker, it could be cables, it could be lots of things.
You should have spare tubes. What you do is try replacing them one at a time (power tubes as a set) and see what happens. To test the speaker you try another, same with cables.
It's a process of elimination.
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Turn your amp on and look through the back panel after a few minutes. If the tubes are all bright orange it means they're still good too go, but if one or several of 'em emit a blue or purple-ish glow (or barely/don't seem to light up at all) the time has come to replace 'em

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Whether you got ripped off or not really depends on how much you paid for it...

Because whatever the problem it is surely fixable, just hard to say exactly from an online forum..

PS. I had a solid state amp did this on the clean channel, but that was years ago, if I could remember what had caused that I'd tell you.
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