I have been playing guitar for 5 months. I started holding the pick with 3 fingers. thumb on one side index and middle on the other. I have a lot of stability this way. but i know its not correct. im trying to to 2 fingers but im running into so much problems. Im way slower and for some reason other strings are being set off by my palm muting. and my first finger is always scraping the strings either the nail or on top. and also the pick isnt parallel to the strings making a really non clean sound. but i can feel its more fluid but im trying so hard to adapts to this and im running into all these problems. im using those small jazz 3 picks. i play mostly speed and thrash metal.
I would stop picking the way that you're picking. Yes, you might be slow when picking the correct way, but you'll get faster with some practice. You should be holding the pick with your 1st finger and thumb, nothing else. Have the pick's point come out from the side of your thumb. When you're strumming, you should show the pick more from outside your thumb. For individual notes, the pick should be more in your thumb and not as much visible as if you were strumming.

If you continue with that bad habit it's going to lead to many other bad things.
Fact is, you've only been playing for 5 months. You are going to be slower right now. That's perfectly normal and acceptable. It's going to take time to build up speed and accuracy.

I am also going to strongly suggest that you learn the correct method. Using three fingers is going to restrict movement and cause you to be less efficient. I take it you're not taking lessons from an instructor. If you were, he would have you change your method. Now, having said all that... Once you learn the correct method, you may find you want to tweak it a little, but I'd still recommend avoid the three finger pick method. In a couple of years, you'll thank us.

Edit: Also, if you're using those tiny Jazz III picks, I'm going to recommend that you stop. Go out and buy some full size Fender picks and use them. For lead, get some fairly thick picks. Later on, as you become more experienced and are a better player, then you can go back to the Jazz III picks.
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