Howdy Peeps, I found some time on my hands and decided to go the next step from practice amp to recording.

Any feedback from volumes, tones, panning etc. Would be much appreciated. No stone unthrown please and C4C as they say. Happy to give my feedback too. We grow like that


Video editing was a rush jobby btw >.<

Scarlet Focusrite 2i2 interface.
Behringer Strat Guitar
Guitar Rig 5
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First of all, I want to say that this is a very good cover. You've made an effort and tried to perform as many guitars as it is possible. You also attempted at playing them as closely to the original which is praise worthy!
Even though I think that the cover is very nice, I have some reservations. All in all, the cover goes very smoothly and very nice, but heading towards the end of the track (solo part) the guitars seem to be a bit out of tune. At the beginning I thought that this is just a minor side effect of the recording, but later on it transpired that the guitars are not in tune together.
Still, apart from that this is a very good cover.

Keep up the good work!

Kind Regards
Very good cover!! great work!! as already mentioned, the only downfall is the low lead sound level....but other than that...kudos!
For the intro solo I would lessen the reverb/delay, it makes it difficult to hear what you're actually playing, also lowering the level of some cymbals at the end of the intro. The end solo is a little hard to hear too, I would take out tome of that reverb/delay and increase the volume a little.

Other than that, playing is pretty neat, the only thing to critique is that you lose tempo at some bits but immediately recover it, so it doesn't make too much of a problem.

On a side note, it was funny to watch three of you at the same time, and how you stare at the camera when you stop playing haha

Good job man!