Fairly new to guitar. Just wondering tho, when I watch someone more experienced play a tab, it seems that they can play a certain amount of notes in order without moving much but when IM playing the same exact tab, I somehow force myself to fly around the fretboard note after note after note. How do I work on playing like that? And what is that technique called?
The players you have watched use all their fingers on their hands to play the notes, when you are fairly new to guitar, you tend to use the same finger for playing all the notes, this will really hinder your playing, try to practice using all fingers to fret the notes, including the pinky and ring finger, these fingers are weaker than your index and pointer, but if you learn to use all fingers you will find that you'll move around the fretboard less, it's kind of an economy of motion, the less you have to move your hand the better, you will also notice and increase in playing speed if you do this.

hope it helped a a little
whichever is easiest and requires the least effort (and which also sets you up for the next notes). that's no real help at the start, but the longer you play and get more used to playing (and the shapes which tend to be used) the more sense that'll make.
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My middle finger is on the root, say we're playing in A - then my middle finger is on the fifth fret and plays every note on that fret as needed.

I move up and down the neck (from nut to bridge) only for the quality of that note, not because I can't reach it staying where I was.
This skill will develop for a long time to be honest. I've been playing 5 years and there are still many times when I'll have to consciously think about the most appropriate position. Most things i can pick up in no time, but usually when I'm challenging myself with a difficult piece I'll try out a few different things.