I hope this the right section to post in.

So I am using my UX2 Pod to record demos and guitar covers.
There's two small "problems" I have, which is not critical, but if I can solve this, it would be awesome.

I have my speakers plugged into the "Headphones" jack on the pod, and when I just plug my guitar in to start jamming, it sounds awesome. I have a nice preset that I like, the guitar sounds just great. However, when I open up Ableton Live Lite 7 Line6 Studio Edition, which I got with the pod, the guitar just doesn't sound the same. The sound quality just isn't as good as it is when I'm just jamming, even after exporting it as a wave-file.

That is one of the issues.

The other issue is that the wave-file after exporting is HUGE. Well, not that huge, but one song with drums, bass and double guitar tracks ends up around 50MB.

I'd be really thankful if someone could help me solve these little "issues".
Here's a link to a little recording I did just to show you how it sounds like. As you may notice, there's literally no bass or power at all in the guitar sound. Just sounds really cheap.


.WAV files are always huge. Render your stuff as MP3's if you don't want ridiculously large files.

Are you using the UX2's ASIO drivers in Abelton? Whats your sample rate set at? Those are the only things I can think of without more info as to why maybe the sound quality isn't too good.