Hi Everyone,

I heared this fragment on a TV show lately and i love the lick, but unfortunatly i cant find it. I got a feeling its made by Jimi Hendrix, but i am a big fan of him and i know his most populair songs like purple haze, voodo child, all allong the wachingtower etc.

So can anyone identify the name and artist of the fragment?

This message contains a link leading the file were you can download it (if i did the sharing part right )


Many thanks,
Yea that is hard to tell but it most certainly sounds live and it has the Hendrix vibe. Now i have to figure this out or it will drive me crazy...
Hi, thanks for your reply! Well it was a show on tv were a dude found a signed fender by Jimi. And they said it was signed during his festival Woodstock. So maybe the program editors chose a song from woodstock to mach the item they found.