Hello all. I like to play a classical guitar in Open E.


The problem is, not in my voice range. My ideal key is probably G or A.

My goal - to have the same exact tuning format as Open E, except in G or A. So basically a guitar tuned a:




That means I have to tune it way up, or way down. When I try to tune way up, the strings are too tense or they break. If I tune way down, the lowest I can get to is a B before it's too loose to play.

(I know there are different ways to tune an Open G or Open A, but for specific reasons, I aim to do it in the above format)

(I also don't want to use a Capo because I like to slide to the 12th fret, and using a Capo makes it hard to slide (to the 14th or 15th fret).)

Anyone have any ideas for this specific problem? I was thinking of using different/wrong strings to keep the tension normal??

Thanks in advance.
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String makers such as D'Addario have tension tables that would enable you to figure out what string gauges to buy. Or you could get a requinto. These have about a 22" scale and a typically tuned a fourth up from a guitar, ie A-a, using slightly lighter gauge strings. I use standard nylon guitar strings on mine and tune it a minor third up, G-g.