I wanted to go with a theme, but couldn't think of one that I was happy with. So instead it's just a mix of stuff I've been digging at the moment. Some metal, some not, some you'll probably know.


I'm unemployed again now, so I'll catch up on all the radio's I've missed over the weeks whilst job hunting.

Upcoming schedule:

April 21: The Virtuösö
April 28: ✝Emenius ✝ Sleepius✝
May 5: Vampyre Göldfish
May 19: AnnihiSSlater
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Listening now. Just finished with the first track only to be whacked in the face with a throbbing cock on the second track. I'll continue listening with more cautionary ears...
Balls. I was busy writing a paper all weekend. I will listen to this tonight and post a radio before tomorrow.
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