a potentially volatile and probably already covered topic but i've only ever seen them mentioned in the context of other people's threads.

What are peoples thoughts on chapman guitars? anyone out there playing one and got some feedback? it's not that easy to try one out if you're not in guildford.

The spiel seems good to me, focus on non replaceable materials, cut out the middle man etc etc and i like the look of the ML3-RC, a carved top tele with tapable humbuckers and pups you wouldn't replace immediately. Made at WIC in Korea which i here is pretty good and the price also seems acceptable at 599 GBP.

But how do they stack up against competition in the price bracket? specifically the prs se range which comes out of the same factory. are they really better value or that just marketing bs?

not really looking for a buying guide (so no need to recommend second hand alternatives) and feel free to keep your opinions on the guitar world marmite who is rob chapman to yourself, just after some objective opinions on his guitars. Cheers!
My local store caries them(I live in the US too btw). And they are awesome! I played the bea signature, "the capt" signature and the les Paul shaped one...don't remember which ml it is. The build quality was perfect on the ones I played. And they have a cool finish. It's not gloss/sticky, it was really smooth finish, it felt like an oil finish. They are really sweet guitars and I honestly I couldn't believe the price. They were around $530-625. If you can't tell, I really enjoy these guitars (:
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I will say unless you have a lot of expendable income or experienced with guitars and the many varieties, so you know what specs you like and how they feel . Then don't buy something online on the opinions of others. Simply because you don't even know if the people giving you answers know what they are talking about(Though I am a hypocrite of this and will admit). Chapman guitars I am sure are a good company and the owners seem very passionate about it. But realistically go to a guitar store try out what you like take some form of note on features that you may or may not like and if you happen to find a guitar you like in that store in your budget great. If not take the specs you like then go online and decide what seems like the best match for you. Sorry if this is patronising but so many people don't have sense to do this but I guess sometimes we may not have good local guitar stores near us.

Then again your a big boy/girl and you can do whatever the hell you want.
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