Can anyone help me identify this guitar.
It was my first guitar but all I remember was that it was a dept store model. Late 70's early 80's
1960's or 1970's Guyatone made guitar, made in Japan. Was at Jag-Stang.com earlier this morning discussing the 2-pickup version.

These were sold under a myriad of names including, but not limited to: Harmony, Silvertone, HyLo, Memphis, Teisco Del Ray, Sears Roebuck & Co, Zenta, Dana, Ibanez (yes, Ibanez). Basically, all Japanese guitars are made this way.

the big corporate headquarters contracts their work out to another guitar builder-house like Ikkebe Gakki, Fujigen Gakki, Matsomoku, or in this case, Guyatone, to build their guitars for them. Back in the 60's/70's, everyone, including the big names like Ibanez, were just having their nameplate stamped on the same designs that were being cranked out by these companies before the lawsuit era started.

These kinds of designs were cranked out by some brands well into the 80's. Harmony had a model line that lasted nearly 40+ years. I think all Guyatone machinery was eventually moved somewhere else in Asia (Hong Kong or China perhaps) and continued to crank out the H-801, H-802, H-804, and the 218x series guitars until 2007, starting sometime around 1969-1970-ish.

At the lastest, this guitar would have been built around 1977-1980-ish, after that, all of the Japanese makers moved to either trying new designs influenced by western guitar designs (things like the Yamaha SG2000 and various guitars in the Hondo fame lineup), at least, when they were not cranking out copies of whatever was popular and made in America initially.
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^ Yup, I was gonna guess Teisco haha. Kinda looks like a Teisco VG-6.
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