So my acoustic guitar just fell and there's a great big crack right up by the headstock. Should I loosen the strings until I can get it repaired? Any idea how much this sort of thing may cost? It's quite a low-ish end acoustic, so I wonder if it's even particularly worth it.

Sorry if this gets asked a lot...
You might want to consult a doctor. You are unique like everybody else, there is no need to call yourself "Low end". You ARE worth it.
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You should upload some pictures of the damage.

If I had a broken neck on a low end guitar, I'd absolutely consider fixing it myself.

Something like this:

1. Leave the guitar tuned up, so the crack is open.

2. Get a large diabetes syringe, or a needle from your doctor, with a tip that will get into the crack.

3. fill the syringe with a good grade od wood glue, such as Franklin's Tite bond.

4. lay the guitar on the table or floor, crack facing up.

5, With the syringe as deep in the crack as possible, squirt the crack as full with glue as you can.

6.Quickly release the strings, and clamp the crack together with a suitable C clamp.

7. Be sure to get some scraps of a softwood, like cedar shingles, or pine trim, and insert them between the C-clamp and the neck so you don't damage it.

Make sure you don't get any glue on the neck where the clamp or shims are going to be in contact.

8. Wait 24 hours, take the clamp(s) off, have fun.

Remember the glue joint will be stronger than the wood itself.

The only problem you could run into, is leaving the crack unattended for too long. The more dust and whatnot you get into that crack, the less likely you are to get the strongest bond.
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