Hey there! I cheated on my band and recorded this.. It's one of my only Danish songs, but the lyrics don't matter anyway, so don't be afraid to give it a listen. It's a one-take as well, so by no means perfect.

Please leave your music as well so I can have a listen!
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i'm used to listening to french and italian 'skramz' so not being able to understand the lyrics doesn't particularly bother me.

first thing i noticed is your playing, which yeah, wasn't perfect. i dig your style/voice/chord progressions though. a lot. really- if you tightened things up i would suggest playing coffee shops or something like that, the music sounds suitable.

your voice and guitar tone work well as a unit (i'm usually not a fan of the DI'ish acoustic sound either). i do think that they're both a bit dry sounding. just nitpicking though.

really my only suggestion for improvement is just to tighten up your playing a bit and you're good to go.
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I agree about the guitar-playing, it's already much tighter though, it was simply the off-beat nature and the two rhythm changes that threw me off (and the fact that I had only just written; I was too eager). I've been experimenting with playing it with a slightly crunchy guitar-tone and subtle dotted quarter-note delay. Sounds pretty good. Appreciate your feedback!
I was about to suggest a delay for the guitar; glad you already thought of that.

I'd also consider some reverb on the vocals, they're also sounding pretty dry.

Love the part starting at 2:13; it was a good variation from the laidback nature of the rest of the song.

You've got a good voice; I enjoyed this.
Very nice rythm change at 0:30, it gave some new life to the chord and it wasn't rough at all (btw I liked the chord progression, I use it a lot when improvising).

Don't worry about the lyrics, I'm Spanish and I always have to concentrate to translate them while I listen, so I just focused on the melodies
At some points your voice weakened, but it was solid overall. Maybe as some said before add some reverb to it and it'll sound awesome.

I'd love to hear this with some more instruments though, great job!

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