Hey, everybody!

This is a thread to discover and share bands that are difficult to "put a label on" or that infuse several genres together and can't really fit into a box, or even just straight up sound left-field and/or alien to the norm.

I'll go ahead and get it started!

Rejectionary Art
Not Hurts.
I've asked many people to place a singular Genre on them. It's impossible. They have some "Rock" songs, "metal", "acoustic", "alternative", "ambiance", they have it all.

Did I mention some "Classical" violin instrumentals on their first album.
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My Chemical Romance (they crossed a lot of genre lines between their 4 albums, if you think about it), and Sleigh Bells.
Perhaps not as drastic as what you're looking for, but Sublime has elements of ska, reggae, hip-hop, and punk.