Hey guys, I recently got a killer deal on a used Ibanez RG350dx. I wasn't even planning on buying another guitar but my friend who works at a guitar store told me that they had something I might be interested in so I came in and he showed me the RG350dx, in almost mint condition (all stock). I've been looking into grabbing one of these for a while and for $150.00 CA I couldn't say no

I really like the feel of the guitar and the sound is actually better than I expected (currently playing it through a HT-1RH no pedals or anything). I play mostly metal and hardrock, I play lead in my metal band, however I do also play some jazz and blues.

So enough with my life story, lets talk about modding this baby.

Step 1: Pick ups

Even though I do like the sound, I know it can be improved significantly with some new pick ups. I'm looking for something crunchy and heavy in the bridge and something with high gain, punchy and a "round" tone in the neck. I'm also looking for something more suitable for blues/jazz to replace the single coil in the middle.

I want to try out some dimarzios since I've never had a guitar with them (currently have a jackson with SD's and a schecter c1 with EMG's).

Right now Im thinking...

Bridge: Dimarzio DP100 Super Distortion

Middle: Dimarzio DP175S True Velvet Single Coil Middle

Neck: Dimarzio DP158 Evolution Neck

Interested to hear feed back and personal experience with these pups.

hi, i also have the same project as you, my guitar is RG2XXV, but i'm still a beginner so don't know which pickups to go.

I have the same playing style as you so I'm considering:

1. SuperD (B) - FS1 or HS-2 or Area 67 (M) - PAF Pro (N)
2. Tone Zone (B) - True Velvet (M) - Air Norton (N)

The first config is my result after going through some research and the second one is the configuration recommended based on hi-end ibanez rg prestige.

My problem lies because I'm still a newbie so I kinda hard to hear all the differences between this pickups