Ok, I'm a relative newb. Just started playing again after a 20+ year hiatus. I'm playing an LTD EC401FR (LP copy with Floyd Rose).

I've been busy as hell for the past month or so, and haven't been able to play much. Tonight i picked it up, and noticed fret buzz on the low e, and a strings from 7th fret or so down. I've never noticed it, and is been on the stand for at least a week untouched. Also almost every string was slightly sharp. I haven't gone through and checked everything yet because to be honest I'm no guitar tech.

Any ideas what could have happened, or the trouble shooting path I should follow?

Thank in advance
If it's specifically on those frets, it sounds like your neck is bowed. You will need to adjust your truss rod, most likely. It's a pretty easy adjustment, and there are tons of youtube videos on how to do it.