Can someone please find me a pic of the Dokken band logo that is under 2000 bytes? I want to put it as my avatar pic.
Quote by Scourge441
Q: What has nine arms and sucks?
A: Def Leppard

their drummer lost his arm in a car crash and their lead guitarist is battling cancer.

So, what has two arms and is a colossal jerk? Scourge441!
You fail to see why a drummer needs an arm? Oh wait you mean precrash don't you? Yea they sucked it would be fun to watch a one armed drummer though.
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I was more talking about the fact that N3WW4V3N1NJ4 seems to imply that Scourge441 is a jerk because he thinks Def Leppard Suck, and his justification seems to be the fact the drummer lost an arm and a guitarist has Cancer.

To me those things don't matter, if the music sucks it sucks, if it doesn't it doesn't. The guitarist currently being ill doesn't exempt them from criticism.
Sure the drummer has one arm, doesn't make the songs that were written any different. Granted having to use two legs and an arm compared to two arms and a leg might change how you drum to an extent. But I don't think we should be expected to mollycoddle him. He chose to continue and if his playing was sub par, that's his/the bands problem, we shouldn't lower out standards.

As it goes I don't mind Def Leppard. I can take them or leave them. Certainly don't have anything against them. But at the same time I don't feel personal circumstance should come into play when judging an artists work. For example I admire Jason Becker for what he achieved on the Perspective album given he was basically paralysed at the time of composition, but I'll be the first to say a few tracks aside it isn't a spectacular album. It has it's moments, and the nature of it's composition is inspiring, but the end product isn't the best album ever.

Hope that clears it up a bit.
I agree, for the same reasons it sucks when people like a band just because they have a female singer or something like that.
That Def Leppard joke has been around for years. Kinda surprised it actually turned into a huge thing.