Alright so let me start by saying I am not actually a bass player (I do play bass though) I am a guitar player/singer but for the purpose of this post I am just a guitar tech or 'Tone Wizard' as you would say. So a friend of mine has procured a copy of a Gibson EB-3 bass guitar. He wants the electronics to be the same as the 1971 model with the 4 way rotary switch. Most of it is fairly straight forward, except for this 'tone choke' thing that is going on. I have attached the best diagram I could find... yes it is in German, no I do not speak/read German. Can somebody help me out here?

Well; the wiring scheme is not particularly difficult. The tone choke is just an inductor that filters certain frequencies. Essentially, it is the part of the multi-position "Varitone" selector that actually varies the tone by blocking certain frequencies; depending on the setting of the switch.

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