Hi Guys,

Have been playing a yamaha f310 but fancy an upgrade.

The guitar will be used for strumming, rocky/folk rocky sounds mainly; bands like Oasis, The Jam, The Levellers etc etc and shouldn't be more than £500 new or second hand.

I like a fairly large guitar and really like sunburst models but of course, sounds over looks. Difficult to describe the sounds I'm looking for, but really like the sound of Noels Gibson in Oasis unplugs so maybe a similar sound but of course nothing can match the £2,500 Gibson in my price range.

Any and all recommendations welcome!

PS Not botheeed about Electro or not as sometimes it just takes money away from the instrument.
I might be looking for a Gibson knockoff. IIRC, Tanglewood make one that looks like a J-45, and when I tried it I thought it sounded about right. I would also be thinking about strings that don't jangle too much - I use John Pearse 13-56 phos bronze, good once they have worn in for a few days.
The Tanglewood TW4O? I'll check one out in store!

Thanks for the recommendations for both that and the strings