This is my little tribute to Dimebag Darrell, I hope you guys like it.
There are a few mistakes at the last two bars of the solo, but I swear I tried to record it like a thousand times, and that take was the best to me lol.

I also would've liked to play it in a Dime signature like everyone else, instead I look like a ****** with a cheap Strat copy


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Admarable performance, I feel you, I record my tracks too many times to count, somehow always making stupid mistakes because of the pressure of the red button lol.

Taking into account the equipment and getting that "dime sound" is no small feat for the average strat owner. The technique was good, the tone was good enough that it still sounded pleasing.

Only crit I can make is that the "sliding/gliding" noise was really loud and distracting. Maybe playing with the bridge and middle would lessen it, but for me that setting usually drops the high end a bit.

The mixing of the two guitar tracks with the vocal and drums is good, melted in nicely. Now save up for that dean from hell! :p

Heres my fade to black cover if you are interesting in checking it out.
Pretty good cover man, I have to agree with the other guy that the string sounds are rather obnoxious but other than that the guitar tone isn't terrible considering you are using a strat. I didn't hear anything else bad worth mentioning so good job!



(If you want to do a bonus C4C, here's a cover I also did of Cemetery Gates by Pantera)

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@XGarysandstormX: Thanks a lot man! Recording is definitely a pain in the ass but so rewarding when you get what you wanted too...

I should've done the whole rythm section with my Ibanez, but it's Drop D tuned and it was a little hard for some riffs. Agree on the scratchy sound, now I know what to do for future covers with this guitar (see my High Road by Mastodon). And I wish I could buy one!

I'll check out your Fade to Black now!

@Lovecannon: Thank you man, I appreciate you liking the cover despite the guitar I play, I'll C4C now!