Hi guys! I'm building a pedalboard at the moment and I have a deal on stereo connectors to build my pedal patch cables.

I was wondering if there's a problem connecting pedals with stereo cables?

Here's a pic of the connectors I can have :

Can I build my cables with that kind of connectors?

Thanks guys!
Most (basically all) pedals use a stereo input jack to switch the battery on when a cable is inserted and off when it is unplugged. This goes a long way to save battery life because a bypass switch is not a power switch.

The way it works is the circuit ground is connected to the sleeve lug (ground). The battery's negative terminal is connected to the ring lug (hot #2). When a mono plug is inserted, it shorts the ring and sleeve lugs together, connecting the battery's negative terminal to ground. A stereo plug will not work. The input plug must be mono but the output plug can usually be stereo or mono, as a normal mono jack is usually used for the output.