hey, For a while I've had the Boss metal Zone Mt2 and Little Big muff Pi I use. They've always worked fine when powered through seperate 9v adapters or Batteries. But recently i bought the Visual sound 1 spot to power them with 1 easy adapter. For the first month or so everything was fine, but then when i was out playing somewhere both the pedals wouldn't work, even though they would light up but wouldn't make any sound, when i was powering them with the 1 spot, or the seperate adapters, or 9v batteries even. But later at home they both worked fine through all these ways. Then ever since this my pedals have always worked fine at home, but then whenever i go somewhere else they just light up like normal, but don't make any sound through any adapters or even batteries. I use exactly the same setup everywhere else, (guitar>lead>big muff>patch cable>metalzone>lead>amp), but the pedals only seem to work when i'm at home. The leads work fine, it's not faulty leads, and the batteries work too. I'm really confused, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Well you might check to make sure the polarity is correct. I know on my TC Electronics pedals the adapter is positive over negative, which is unusual. Also, just throwing this out there, make sure whatever is powering your pedals is sending enough juice.