I'm just starting out as a full time guitar teacher and would really love it if anyone from Sheffield or surrounding areas with a few spare minutes could fill out a very short survey about what they're learning at the moment. It'll take less than 2 minutes and would really help me out. If you're a beginner-intermediate player or want to learn a new style, some music production and recording skills or anything else I can help with, I'll offer you a free lesson for taking part.


You can also complete the survey through my facebook page (and give me a like as well if it tickles your fancy ) : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Finale-Guitar-Studio/260138600832805?ref=hl

If you don't want to do my survey I'd be really interested just to know what you're covering in your guitar lessons at the moment, or what you're teaching yourself with the help of this sick website! Just curious as to what my fellow guitarists in a new area are playing!


Finale Guitar Studio
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