For an ESP/LTD, that's actually a really nice looking guitar!

Anyway, decent job - would just suggest you work on the timing of the syncopated chugs in the verses/intro backing, as they're not quite bang on the kick pattern (maybe it's because you quad-tracked, unseen in the video, and it smeared the transients - can't be sure).

As a playful aside, why would you run a lovely Sonic Maximizer into a Krank amp?
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
Thank´s for watching .
Yes, I have a problem with the timing but these are my first recordings.
The Krank is not my amp, I use the Diezel below.
Not half bad, though I have to say I dislike the tone you get. It has a little too much bite for my liking and not quite the smoothness of the original tone.

Also I enjoyed the multiple camera angles so I could see all your techniques from differing angles... good editing!