wassup dudes...

sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.. but yeah anyways...

so yeah, i got some spare time nowdays, and would love to get more involved with mixing stuff... i love any guitar based music.. so would love to hear some of your stuff.

I'd like to go ahead and offer my mixing services to you guys for free

im not by any means a pro or anywhere near... just a noob trying to gain more experience.

got some samples of my work on my profile (i've mixed all the songs up on there... most of em are metal, but i've recently worked on some psych-rock and folk-rock type stuff too)...

and the youtube vid attached is also a link to my work.
anyways, cheers!

Cool stuff man. I might throw you a track or two within the next couple of weeks. I'm re-working a couple of tracks that I did a while back.